Year 12 Mathematics Student Numbers 1995-2010

2010 enrolment figures now included. Updated each year by Frank Barrington from The University of Melbourne.


For three successive years now, the number of Year 12 Advanced mathematics students in Australia has increased, from 20,344 in 2007 to 20,894 in 2008 to 21,054 in 2009 to 21233 in 2010.  While three successive rises in the raw numbers is encouraging, these increases are barely keeping pace with the slowly increasing number of Year 12 students.  The proportion of the Total Australian Year 12 population taking Advanced mathematics appears to have stalled for a while at just over 10%.  

The number of Intermediate mathematics students (those taking an Intermediate mathematics subject but NOT taking an Advanced mathematics subject) declined again, from 41705 in 2009 to 41447 in 2010, which amounts to yet another significant proportional decline relative to the slowly increasing Total Year 12 population.

Both the number and proportion of Elementary students (those taking an Elementary mathematics subject but NOT taking an Intermediate mathematics subject NOR an Advanced mathematics subject) have continued to grow.

International Baccalaureate student numbers are not included.



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