Students realising the value of numbers

Figures show that mathematics entries are continuing to grow year on year at both A-level and AS.

A-level results - good news for mathematics

16 August 2012,

Figures released today by the Joint Council for Qualifications show that Mathematics entries are continuing to grow year on year at both A-level and AS. The number of A-level Mathematics entries is up 3.3% on last year, with AS Mathematics increasing by 5.1%. Further Mathematics also continues to grow, with entries increasing by 7.6% at A-level this year and 12.9% at AS.

This means that since 2007 the number of A-level Mathematics entries has risen by 42.7% and in Further Mathematics the increase is even greater at 68%. This is a very welcome trend for Mathematics and points to the value students are putting on the subject and the skills it gives them to pursue their future career aspirations. This is also good news in our wider society as Mathematics is a subject that underpins 21st century technology and the economy, and is recognised as such in the employment market.

Dr Tony Gardiner, Education Secretary of the LMS said, ‘We welcome the continued year on year increases in uptake of A-level Mathematics (3.3%) and Further Mathematics (7.6%), and in AS Mathematics (5.1%) and Further Mathematics (12.9%). The rising trend over the past 5–6 years is truly remarkable: Mathematics A-levels now account for 11.4% of all entries – more than any other subject. It is essential that Ofqual's current review does nothing to undermine this position’.

Professor Nigel Steele, Honorary Secretary of the IMA added, ‘In agreeing with Dr Gardiner’s comments, I confirm the welcome trend of all students studying and being successful in Mathematics at all levels. And great care must be taken in the current National Curriculum review to maintain this upward trend, which is so important for the UK economy’.

The London Mathematical Society (LMS) and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) extend their congratulations to all students and their teachers on today’s AS and A-level results.