Congratulations Peter Hall

Peter Hall has been awarded the prestigious "Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award" of the American Statistical Association.


AMSI would like to congratulate Peter Hall on being awarded the prestigious Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award by the American Statistical Association.

The Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award was established in 1964 to honour the memory and distinguished career of Samuel Wilks by recognising outstanding contributions to statistics that carry on the spirit of his work.

Professor Peter Hall of the University of Melbourne will be awarded the 2012 Wilks award for his pioneering and influential contributions to statistics and probability.  His outstanding service to the profession, with an extensive record of editorial roles, collaborative work, and promotion of statistical science to the wider scientific and educational communities has also been acknowledged.

Professor Hall played an instrumental role in the establishment of AMSI. He was the architect and custodian of AMSI’s scientific program, which delivers workshops in mathematics, statistics and cognate disciplines Australia wide.

AMSI Director Professor Geoff Prince said: “Peter’s service to the discipline extends far beyond his work at AMSI. His superhuman ability to be both one of our most respected and prolific scientists and a servant to his discipline commands the respect of everyone who knows him.”

The full PDF of the American Statistical Assoication 2012 Award Recipients is available at the AMSAT website.

Read the full story published in The San Francisco Chronicle.