AMSI-Mahler Lecturer 2011: Peter Sarnak

The Mahler lectures are a biennial activity organised by the Australian Mathematical Society, and supported by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, in which a prominent mathematician tours Australian universities giving lectures at a variety of levels, including several public lectures.

Professor Peter Sarnak grew up in South Africa and moved to the US to study at Stanford University, where he obtained his PhD in mathematics in 1980. After appointments at the Courant Institute, New York, and Stanford, he moved to Princeton in 1991 where he has been ever since. Currently he is both the Eugene Higgins Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University and Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. In 2002, he was made a member of the National Academy of Sciences in the USA and a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Sarnak is a major figure in modern analytic number theory, with research interests also in analysis and mathematical physics. He has received many awards for his research including the Polya prize in 1998, the Ostrowski prize in 2001, the Conant prize in 2003 and the Cole prize in 2005. He has had 43 PhD students to date, including several who have become major figures in number theory themselves.
Sarnak visited six capital cities during the tour, presenting a number of lectures, some of which were available over the access grid network.
Peter Sarnak's Mahler lectures are now available in pdf format.

Lecture tour

Date Time Title Location

9 Aug


Chaos, quantum mechanics and number theory

Napier 102,

University of Adelaide

10 Aug


Horocycle flows at prime times

B.19 Innova21

University of Adelaide

11 Aug


Randomness in number theory

Weatherburn Lecture Theater

University of Western Australia

12 Aug


Thin integer matrix groups and the affine sieve


University of Western Australia

15 Aug


Zeros and nodal lines of modular forms

Science Lecture Theatre S14

Monash University

15 Aug


Randomness in Number Theory

Laby Theatre, David Caro Building

University of Melbourne

16 Aug


Chaos, quantum mechanics and number theory

Szental Lecture Theatre

La Trobe University

17 Aug


Number theory and the circle packings of Appolonius

Manning Clarke Centre, LT3

Australian National University

18 Aug


Horocycle flows at prime times

Manning Clarke Centre, LT4

Australian National University

23 Aug


Number theory and the circle packings of Appolonius

Physiology Building 63, Room 348

University of Queensland

24 Aug


Mobius randomness and dynamics

Parnell Building 7

Room 222, University of Queensland

25 Aug


Chaos, quantum mechanics and number theory

Clancy Auditorium

University of New South Wales

26 Aug


Zeroes and nodal lines of modular forms

Room 175, Carslaw Building

University of Sydney