International Congress of Mathematicians prize winners

The following prizes were announced at the International Congress of Mathematicians:


Fields Medals

  • Elon Lindenstrauss (Princeton University) for his results on measure rigidity in ergodic theory, and their applications to number theory.
  • Ngô Bảo Châu (Université Paris-Sud) for his proof of the Fundamental Lemma in the theory of automorphic forms through the introduction of new algebro-geometric methods.
  • Stanislav Smirnov (Université de Genève) for the proof of conformal invariance of percolation and the planar Ising model in statistical physics.
  • Cedric Villani (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon) for his proofs of nonlinear Landau damping and convergence to equilibrium for the Boltzmann equation.

Nevanlinna Prize

  • Daniel Spielman (Yale University) for smoothed analysis of Linear Programming, algorithms for graph-based codes and applications of graph theory to Numerical Computing.

Gauss Prize

  • Yves Meyer (École Normale Supérieure de Cachan) for fundamental contributions to number theory, operator theory and harmonic analysis, and his pivotal role in the development of wavelets and multiresolution analysis.

Chern Medal

  • Louis Nirenberg (New York University), the first recipient of this medal for his role in the formulation of the modern theory of non-liner elliptic partial differential equations and for mentoring numerous students and post-docs in this area.