Prof. Geoffrey Prince is appointed as AMSI Director

AMSI is pleased to announce the appointment of Prof. Geoffrey Prince as AMSI Director.

Geoff is well known in the Australian mathematical community but for those not familiar with his background in detail I provide a brief summary below.

Geoff completed his undergraduate studies and a DipEd at Monash University. He completed his PhD at La Trobe University under the supervision of C.J. Eliezer, whose own postgraduate study in mathematics at the University of Cambridge was under the supervision of Nobel prize winner Paul Dirac and was undertaken while at the same time qualifying to be admitted to the Bar in London. Geoff profited greatly from this early mentoring from C.J Eliezer's diverse and broad international experience.

On completion of his PhD Geoff accepted a position as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Theoretical Physics, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. On his return to Australia he held positions at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the University of New England before accepting a position at La Trobe University.

Geoff has held numerous visiting positions, including at the State University (Ghent), the Open University (Milton Keynes) and more recently, Palacky University in the Czech Republic. The collaborations through these visits are reflected in his publications and also in the benefits it has brought to La Trobe and the wider mathematical community via these associations. The recent appointment of several long-term research collaborators as Adjunct Professors to the Department at La Trobe very much reflects his on-going international research collaborations.

His research interests are in the field of applications of differential geometry to ordinary and partial differential equations and, in particular, the use of jet bundle techniques and exterior differential systems in the study of differential equations arising in mathematics and mathematical physics. His consistent publications record begins with a paper with C.J Eliezer during his PhD studies, while later papers reflect his on-going collaborations with European colleagues. He is a regular referee for a number of international journals.

La Trobe University was a foundation joint venture partner of Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute. Geoff became Deputy Director of AMSI, an honorary position, in 2004 and immediately became an active contributor. This led to a period as Acting Director in 2005. He became a keen supporter of the use of Access Grid Rooms that were then being part-funded at a number of AMSI member institutions. He could see their potential for honours and postgraduate teaching and in collaborative research. Largely through Geoff's energy and enthusiasm, the Australian mathematical sciences community has been at the forefront in using Access Grid delivery.

In summary, Geoff is an active research mathematician with a commitment to the wider mathematical sciences community and to mathematics education in schools and universities

I welcome Prof. Prince's appointment and look forward to AMSI's continued success as an advocate for the mathematical sciences in Australia and as a vehicle for delivering projects of value to the mathematics fraternity and the community at large.

In welcoming Geoff to this role I would like once again to acknowledge Prof. Phillip Broadbridge's sterling contribution to, and leadership of, AMSI - both during his tenure as Director and during the interregnum between his move to LaTrobe and today's announcement of Geoff's appointment. I and the Board are especially grateful for the time and energy he has continued to give to AMSI during this interregnum..

We look forward to Geoff's leadership of AMSI and to the strengthening of AMSI's contribution to the well being of mathematics in Australia and delivery of value to our Member institutions under his leadership. Geoff has indicated that he will be seeking to visit Member Institutions as soon as practicable. In the meantime, please join with me in congratulating Geoff on his appointment and welcoming him to this new role.

Jim Lewis
Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute