Outreach through the TIMES Project

123 days of professional development across 54 schools and counting.

551aThe school visits and teacher professional development are key to the support teachers are provided within the Outreach component of the TIMES Project. In the first six months of 2010, Antje Leigh-Lancaster, Mark Mudge, Michael Evans and Janine McIntosh delivered 123 days of professional development across 54 schools in six regions; Townsville, Sunshine Coast, Wollongong, Gippsland, Geelong and Mandurah.

We believe that a teacher who is well prepared mathematically has a greater capacity to engage and enthuse students about mathematics. The ICE-EM Mathematics textbooks and the teacher content modules developed this year in line with the incoming Australian Curriculum – Mathematics are provided to every TIMES school. These form the basis for the professional conversations we have with teachers about mathematics. Professional development sessions are based on the modules, so that teachers have something in their hand to refer to when AMSI staff leave the school for the day.

Three recent professional development events, held in July and August, saw between 60 and 100 teachers gather to talk about a range of topics.

Each presentation was based on the teacher Modules.





“Some great ideas for teaching and developing children’s interest in maths. I like the idea of scaling up or down to design problems for differentiation in class! Well done - great inservice.”

“Brilliant!! Lots of practical stuff to take back to school and put into practice.”










“Very informative and well presented sessions. Great practical ideas for us to take back and use.”

“Great opportunity for teachers in Gippsland to get content & pedagogy for teaching maths. Thanks Mark – sessions were enjoyable and interesting.”






“I have been lucky enough to gain PD Mark Mudge over the past year.  Mark not only provided my teaching partner and myself with one-on-one planning support, but has also taught with us in our classrooms.  Mark has modelled lessons and also team taught with us.  This has been some of the most valuable professional development I have ever had.  Mark has also provided schools in our district with PD afternoons.  In these he spends time developing teacher understanding of topics as well as giving us practical examples and resources to use with our students.  I always walk away feeling as though I have a lot to show for my time.  Mark is very enthusiastic, endlessly patient and extremely knowledgeable.  I feel very privileged to have been given so many opportunities to learn from him.”