TIMES Project update

It is halfway through the funding period and the TIMES project is busier than ever. Excellent progress is being made across all four components of the project.

We are just over halfway through the 2009-10 funding period for the TIMES project and it has been a busy period for all. Across all four components of the project excellent progress is being made.


Teacher content modules are being produced to support teachers in the upcoming implementation of the Australian National Curriculum in Mathematics. At the time of writing 20 draft modules are in print, with a further 40-50 to come. The modules are being used extensively in schools as the basis for teacher professional development and have been well received.
Mark Mudge, Antje Leigh-Lancaster, Michael Evans and Janine McIntosh continue to work with schools in the target areas.
Schools are dispersed:
  • Wollongong (21)
  • Sunshine Coast (15)
  • Townsville (4)
  • Mandurah (3)
  • Gippsland (10)
  • Geelong (3)
All participating schools have now been visited. Teachers and students are using the ICE-EM Mathematics materials and teachers are involved in professional development sessions. Project Officers have assisted in the planning and programming of mathematics sessions.

In each school the professional development is tailored to suit the needs of students and teachers in line with local education department requirements. We have met and are working with regional mathematics Department of Education representatives, and in some cases, collaborating with them in delivering professional development or taking part in local conferences. It is gratifying to be collaborating in this way at a local level.
An analysis of the careers products available nationally and internationally is underway. This will identify the strengths of currently available material, and expose gaps that AMSI careers materials will aim to fill. A number of profiles of different careers have been developed by our project officer, Rob Moore. These profiles will be used in a variety of media to convey the message that students can benefit from the skills they will develop in learning more mathematics. From air traffic controllers to fast food store managers, from luthiers to asphalt layers, we are aiming to produce a range of materials that can help students see the beauty and usefulness of mathematics in a range of different and interesting careers.
Maths by Email has 3000 subscribers, a stunning effort since we are only 4 issues out. Maths by Email contains news about interesting applications of mathematics, activities and brainteasers for students of age 10+, their teachers and parents.

AMSI members are encouraged to take part in the CSIRO Mathematicians in Schools program, for information about how you can participate see Mathematicians in Schools.