AMSI to place an additional 90 interns

June 2010

Australia’s brightest young mathematical minds will be put to work with small businesses under a $1.7 million, three-year partnership announced by Parliamentary Secretary for Innovation and Industry, Richard Marles.

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The Hon. Richard Marles MP recently announced a three-year partnership between AMSI and the Commonwealth Government’s Enterprise Connect. The partnership will significantly expand the AMSI Internship program, funding an additional 90 AMSI Industry Internships over the next three-years.

“This agreement is a win-win for businesses and interns alike,” Mr Marles said.

“Businesses will be able to tap into new expertise to help drive their innovation, while the interns will have an invaluable opportunity to apply their skills in practical situations.”

Interns will bring new analytical techniques to problems in areas from supply chain logistics to gene sequencing. The interns, guided by their academic mentors, will typically spend four or five months in industry placements working on innovative solutions to commercial and industrial problems.

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