2009 Felix Klein and Hans Freudenthal Awards announced

2009 Felix Klein Award

Prof. Gilah C. Leder

It is with great pleasure that the ICMI Awards Committee hereby announces that the Felix Klein Medal for 2009 is given to IAS Distinguished Professor and Professor Emerita Gilah C. Leder, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia, in recognition of her more than thirty years of sustained, consistent, and outstanding lifetime achievements in mathematics education research and development. With a background as a highly recognised secondary teacher of mathematics, Gilah Leder moved, through a number of steps, into research in mathematics education, with a particular emphasis – from the very beginning of her research career - on gender success and equity in mathematics education, but also more broadly on students’ affects, attitudes, beliefs, and self-concepts in relation to mathematics education, at educational levels ranging from school to university. To a very high degree her work has contributed to shaping these areas and made a seminal impact on all subsequent research. Moreover, Gilah Leder has done significant work with regard to assessment in mathematics education, mathematically able students, research methodology, supervision of graduate students, and teacher education. A characteristic feature of Gilah Leder’s work – published in almost two hundred scholarly publications – is its application of perspectives and theories from sociology and psychology along with mathematical perspectives.

Gilah Leder’s achievements include a remarkable amount of work for national, regional, and international mathematics education communities in a leadership role, as well as a committee or board member, an editorial board member for several journals and book series, as a mentor and supervisor of graduate students, as a visiting scholar in several countries, and as an invited key note speaker at numerous conferences in all continents.

2009 Hans Freudenthal Award

Prof. Yves Chevallard

It is with great pleasure that the ICMI Awards Committee hereby announces that the Hans Freudenthal Medal for 2009 is given to Professor Yves Chevallard, IUFM d’Aix-Marseille, France, in recognition of his foundation and development over the last two and a half decades of a very original, fruitful and influential research programme in mathematics education. The first part of the programme, developed in the 1980s, was focused on the notion of didactical transposition of mathematical knowledge from outside school to inside the mathematics classroom, a transposition which also transforms the very nature of mathematical knowledge. This idea has been further developed, in the 1990s and beyond, into a more general study of the varying institutional characteristics and cultures within which mathematics is being practised in terms of different praxeologies (combining praxis and logos). This gave rise to the so-called anthropological theory of the didactic (ATD) which offers a tool for modelling and analysing a diversity of human activities in relation to mathematics. On that basis Yves Chevallard has developed an entirely new approach to teacher training focusing on the needs and problems of the profession operating in what he calls “clinics for training” which are also cumulatively establishing “archives for training”.

It is a characteristic feature of Yves Chevallard’s work and impact that he continues to collaborate closely with colleagues in France and Spain and that his work has had a great impact internationally, and not the least so in Latin America. This is reflected in a large number of doctoral dissertations that have been written in various countries about, or within the framework of, his theory. International conferences on ATD have been held in 2005, 2007, and 2010, each of which has gathered about a hundred researchers from Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. In some countries, including Chile and Mexico, Yves Chevallard’s work also has exerted a direct influence on curriculum development and in-service teacher training.