Statistical issues with quantitative proteomics data

Host Institution:

La Trobe University

Title of Seminar:

Statistical issues with quantitative proteomics data

Speaker's Name:

Dr Jean Yee Hwa Yang

Speaker's Institution:

The University of Sydney

Time and Date:

Friday 23 November, 11.00 AM (EDT)

Seminar Abstract:

Protein quantisation using mass spectrometry is a recent, powerful platform for determining relative protein levels for thousands of proteins simultaneously.  In recent years, we have witnessed rapid development in spectrometry technologies; however, the statistical analysis of raw tandem spectra as well as processed data remains a challenging task.  In this talk, we will use biological studies to illustrate the statistical challenges associated with analysing data from such a platform and approaches for extracting biological patterns and information.  My discussion will focus on two separate aspects. The pre-processing component will examine various preprocessing approaches and describe a new method for enhancing deterministic protein identification from identified peptide sequences.  The second component will discuss issues associated with downstream analysis.

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