Legendre-type integrands and convex integral functions

Host Institution:

University of Newcastle

Title of Seminar:

Legendre-type integrands and convex integral functions

Speaker's Name:

Dr Liangjin Yao

Speaker's Institution:

University of Newcastle

Time and Date:

Friday 21 September, 10.00am (EST)

Seminar Abstract:


Please note that this seminar is a repeat of the same seminar delivered on Monday 10 September

In this talk, we study the properties of integral functionals induced on the Banach space of integrable functions by closed convex functions on a Euclidean space.

We give sufficient conditions for such integral functions to be strongly rotund (well-posed). We show that in this generality functions such as the Boltzmann-Shannon entropy and the Fermi-Dirac entropy are strongly rotund. We also study convergence in measure and give various limiting counter-example.

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