Distinguished Lecturer Seminar - π day

Host Institution:

University of Newcastle, AGR Room.

Title of Seminar:

Distinguished Lecturer Seminar - π day

Speaker's Name:

Prof. Jonathan Borwein

Speaker's Institution:

Dalhousie University, Canada

Time and Date:

Friday 4:00pm Friday 14 March 2008

Seminar Abstract:

The desire, and originally the need, to calculate ever more accurate values of π, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, has challenged mathematicians for millennia and, especially recently, π has provided fascinating examples of computational mathematics. π, is also uniquely part of the popular imagination. I shall describe π's history from its beginnings to the present time.
Professor Borwein, FRSC, is a distinguished Canadian mathematician with many accomplishments and awards, who is also a leading world authority on π. In 2008, he is on sabbatical leave at the University of Newcastle from his Canada Research Chair, Dalhousie University. Also note that Jonathan Borwein is a leader in Access Grid technology and its use and is well known as an outstandingly good presentator. For further details, see: HYPERLINK "http://users.cs.dal.ca/~jborwein/" http://users.cs.dal.ca/~jborwein/ Prof Borwein also has a Wikipedia entry: HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Borwein" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Borwein NOTE: The seminar will be accessible to a general mathematical audience.