Life of Pi: History and Computation - a talk for Pi Day via AGR

Host Institution:

University of Newcastle

Title of Seminar:

Life of π: History & Computation (a talk for Pi Day)

Speaker's Name:

Professor Jonathan Borwein

Speaker's Institution:

University of Newcastle, CARMA

Date and Time:

Tuesday 15th March 2011, 10am-11am AEDT

Seminar Abstract:

Professor Jonathan Borwein shares with us his passion for π, taking us on a journey through its rich history.

Professor Borwein begins with approximations of π by ancient cultures, and leads us through the work of Archimedes, Newton and others to the calculation of π in today's age of computers.

Professor Borwein is currently Laureate Professor in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Newcacstle and Director of CARMA, the University of Newcastle Centre for Computer Assisted Research Mathematics and its Applications. His research interests are broad, spanning pure, applied and computational mathematics and high-performance computing. He is also Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee at the Australian Mathematical Sciences Insitute (AMSI).

This talk will also link to the west coast of Canada, and is aimed at a general audience. All are welcome to attend.

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