AMSI/CSIRO/SSAI Access Grid seminar to celebrate World Statistics Day

to commemorate the first World Statistics Day - Oct 20

AMSI, with CSIRO and SSAI will commemorate the first World Statistics Day on Wednesday 20 October with a seminar broadcast over the Access Grid (AG) network.


The first World Statistics Day will be celebrated on 20 October 2010, to raise awareness of the many achievements of official statistics premised on the core values of service, integrity and professionalism.

Date: 20 October 2010
Time: 15:00-16:30 (All times are based on Melbourne (AEDT))

The RMIT Access Grid Room is located at: Building 8, Level 9, Room 64, Swanston Street RMIT
The ANU Access Grid Room is located at: Peter Baume Building (42a), Room 1.04, Linneaus Way ANU

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Contemporary Statistical Problems
Prof. Peter Hall (University of Melbourne)
broadcast from the RMIT Access Grid Room

In important ways statistical science has been turned on its head during the last decade. The problems of high dimension, and information sparsity, in datasets are the subject of investigation like never before, as we try to address issues that arise in the analysis of increasingly complex data. The challenges take us right to the limits, and even beyond, problems that we can hope to address using today's computational tools. The talk will address some of these issues.


Statistical applications in Genetics
Dr Melanie Bahlo (The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Bioinformatics Division)
broadcast from the RMIT Access Grid Room

Statistics have played a long and important role in the analysis of genetic data. Genetic data has many features that allow themselves to be modelled adequately with well known statistical models which in turn allows statisticians to apply powerful methods such as likelihood ratio tests, Markov models and mixture modelling, to this type of data. Statisticians have thus discovered important aspects of genetic data such as: the genomic location of a genetic disease, and whether a tract of DNA contains a gene or not. These are just two of many examples. I will briefly describe a couple of examples.


Balancing the use of Data with Privacy and Confidentiality Protection
Dr Christine O'Keefe (Research Leader, CSIRO Privacy and Confidentiality)
broadcast from the ANU Baume Access Grid Room

National Statistical Agencies and other data custodians currently face a challenge in balancing access and use of data for research and policy development with privacy and confidentiality protection. In this talk I will describe a range of approaches currrently successfully implemented in Australia and highlight the statistical challenges inherent in each approach.