ICE-EM/AMSI Summer School 2006

The 4th annual ICE‑EM/AMSI Summer School was hosted by RMIT University from 16 January to 10 February 2006. The School was aimed particularly at incoming mathematics and statistics honours students; however, many postgraduate students also attended. Travel and accommodation subsidies were awarded to students from AMSI member institutions, as well as to students and early career academics from universities in Asia.

Around 100 students attended, including six international students from Indonesia, Hong Kong and Pakistan.

The School offered four two‑week and six four‑week courses taught by outstanding lecturers from Australia and New Zealand. Three lecture series were videotaped for webstreaming.


Course Lecturer
Computability and Intractability Dr Marcel Jackson (La Trobe University)
Measure Theory Dr Marty Ross (Monash University)
Finite Element Methods and Related Topics Dr Thanh Tran (University of New South Wales)
Statistical Inference Prof. Richard Huggins (University of Melbourne)
Cryptomathematics Assoc. Prof. Serdar Boztas (RMIT University)
Algebraic Curves Dr Emma Carberry (University of Melbourne) and Dr Nuno Romao (University of Adelaide)
Permutation Groups Dr John Bamberg (University of Western Australia)
System Modelling and Simulation Dr David Green (University of Adelaide)
Applied Convex Analysis Assoc. Prof. Andrew Eberhard (RMIT University)
Computational Group Theory & Related Topics Assoc. Prof. Eamonn O’Brien (University of Auckland)


Recorded Lectures

Please be aware that these lectures range in size from 150MB to 300MB each.

Summer School 2006 Lectures

Algebraic Curves, by Nuno Romao
Algebraic Curves, by Emma Carberry
Computability, by Marcel Jackson
Measure Theory, by Marty Ross